BMW Auto Service in Royal Palm Beach, Fl

We provide BMW owners with superior repair and services at fair prices. We have a complete team of certified technicians who are well versed at repairing the BMW line including the 1-7 Series, X, Z4, M, and Hybrid. We know that the BMW name and brand is a considerable investment, and we want to help you take the best care of your BMW vehicle. We offer our services at competitive prices, dispelling the belief that the repairs and service of BMW vehicles have to be sky high.

Instead of trying to take our customers money, we focus more on helping them to keep their vehicle safe and running well. Our first priority is ensuring the satisfaction of every customer and delivering the high quality and professional service they expect and deserve. Our technicians are able to easily perform a range of services, from oil changes and brake adjustments to replacing timing belts and spark plugs.

When you bring your BMW automobile to us, we will take care of your vehicle as if it were our own. We know how important it is to have a reliable vehicle and to get the most out of the vehicle. We invite you to stop by if you are in the neighborhood or give us a call so that we can schedule an appointment for your BMW vehicle’s next repair or service.

Real BMW Repair Value

We prefer to "solve" problems for the long term. BMW are special vehicles, with special repair needs. Often just replacing defective parts with new parts is a temporary fix (often they just fail again).

We can often repair your BMW problems for far less cost than the BMW dealer. We have special equipment that allows us to repair many BMW problems, rather than just replace parts. That's value.

Quality BMW Service

Skills, Training, Experience. All our BMW repair technicians are certified, highly skilled, have extensive experience with BMW, and participate in constant training. We invest thousands of dollars every year on diagnostic and specialty tools to enable our BMW mechanics to make Euro Experts in Royal Palm the best BMW repair shop in Palm Beach County.

Rock Solid Guarantee

All of our BMW service and BMW repair has a 24-month, 24,000 mile guarantee. Euro Experts in Royal Palm is committed to your 100% satisfaction. We stand solidly behind our BMW repair & service work.

Why go to Euro Experts for BMW service:

Euro Experts of Royal Palm Beach, Fl will fix your BMW better, and for less. Guaranteed.

  • We've got the skills.

  • We've got the training.

  • We've got the experience.

  • We've got the reputation (check our customer reviews).

  • Oh, and we promise to treat you extra special (we want to

  • keep you as a long time customer, not a one time sale)

Why Us

Reasons why BMW owners choose Euro Experts of Royal

Palm Beach, Fl for their BMW service in Palm Beach County:

Honest, Straight Forward Advice.

The honest facts about your BMW service explained in simple terms.

We provide an inspection report, recommended service priorities (Now,

Wait, Watch), and accurate BMW service estimates to help you plan your

BMW service and repair. We take a long-term view of our customer

relationship that is based on trust.

Value & Savings

Our lower overhead costs help you save on BMW repair and service. We know when to use genuine BMW parts and when to recommend after-market BMW parts for better value and reliability (sometimes aftermarket parts are better than factory parts). Just more of our straight forward, honest advice.

Personal Service

Our focus is BMW service and repair in Palm Beach County area. And we do that with a personal, small company feel. We won't try to sell you a new car - we only want to help you get maximum life from your BMW.

Quick Turnaround

Highly qualified, very skilled, professional BMW auto repair technicians work together to perform your BMW service and BMW repair on time, and on budget. We have the special BMW service tools to perform BMW repair quickly, and correctly.

Diagnostic Expertise

BMW factory diagnostic tools and years of experience with European auto repair help us quickly and accurately diagnose BMW problems and recommend your best, and most economical, BMW service and repair options.

Scheduled Maintenance Repairs

Whether you need a routine BMW oil change or a BMW Major Service rest assured our certified auto repair technicians have the skills and tools needed to be your BMW dealership alternative. Professional maintenance and service for all BMW models.

BMW Service

BMW have 3 types of regular service:

  • BMW Oil Change

  • Inspection 1 - also known as a 'BMW Minor Service'

  • Inspection 2 - also known as a 'BMW Major service'

BMW Oil Change

This service includes:

  • Engine oil and oil Filter Change

  • Visual Brake inspection

  • Inspect Parking Brake

  • Inspect Fluid levels

  • Inspect Tire Condition and Tire Air Pressure

  • Inspect coolant hoses

  • Inspect engine drive belt

  • Inspect vehicle lights

  • Reset the oil change indicator.

At Import Specialties in Columbia we also perform a complete visual inspection with an oil change service.

BMW Inspection 1 (Minor service)

Includes services in BMW Oil Change (listed above) plus:

  • Change Interior Ventilation (cabin) Filter

  • Change Transmission fluid

  • Top up Windshield Washer fluid

  • Inspect Windshield Wipers and Washers

  • Lubricate doors and locks

  • Check Battery condition

  • Inspect Suspension

  • Inspect CV boots

  • Inspect Exhaust System

  • Inspect Manual Transmission fluid level

  • Inspect pressure check Cooling System

  • Reset Service Indicator

  • Road test for overall vehicle performance.

BMW Inspection 2 (Major service)

Includes services from Oil Change and Inspection 1 (listed above) plus:

  • Replace engine Air Filter

  • Replace Engine Coolant (every 4 years)

  • Flush & Replace Brake fluid (every 2 years)

Model dependent services can include:

  • BMW Spark Plug replacement

  • Replace BMW engine serpentine Belt

  • BMW Oxygen Sensor replacement

*Additional inspections may apply for some models. For further details please speak to our Service Adviser.

BMW Service FAQ

How often will I need to perform BMW service and Inspections?

Service duration will vary depending on the model and year of your BMW, the climate and conditions in which you drive, and your driving habits. Your BMW Service Interval Display will flash to alert you when it's time to schedule an oil change, roughly every 7,500 miles.

This is BMW maximum service duration. We strongly recommend an oil change service every 5,000 miles. See our warning (below) on BMW engine sludge problems if they not serviced often enough. One of the best things you can do is a BMW oil change.

BMW Engine Sludge Problem

The BMW service warning system is designed to tell you when your vehicle needs service. However, many BMW owners are experiencing engine failure even when they follow the factory service schedule. Not changing engine oil often enough can cause engine sludge which leads to blocked engine internal oil passages causing problems with the engine valve timing gears and BMW chain tensioner failure.

Engine sludge is a thick, dark by-product of fuel combustion that contaminates the motor oil. These by-products collect in the oil and form sludge. Sludge can happen to any vehicle, regardless of the car’s age or mileage.

Sludge is worse on vehicles that are driven short distances and do lots of idling in traffic (e.g. city driving). Changing the oil more frequently is the only way to prevent BMW engine sludge problems. Extended BMW oil change is false economy. A more frequent BMW oil change interval is much less costly than a new engine...

Which oils can be used in a BMW?

BMW require synthetic oils to maintain optimal performance and engine life. You will also get better fuel mileage. You must use synthetic oil in a BMW. We use BMW warranty approved oils.

Why pay high BMW service price at the dealership?

Euro Experts in Royal Palm Beach can perform all factory recommended BMW scheduled service including minor service 1 one and major service 2 two. If we discover any repair covered by your warranty we will advise you how to get it repaired by the BMW dealer.

BMW Factory Warranty Safe

You are not required to take your BMW back to an authorized BMW dealer for services or maintenance services that you are required to pay for. We can perform your required BMW maintenance service while your BMW is still under factory warranty.

We use factory approved parts and lubricants and stamp your maintenance record book. Our work meets all factory BMW warranty requirements. With our 24 months/24,000 miles parts and labor guarantee (some parts lifetime warranty) you can be confident in our workmanship.




BMW warranty service Royal Palm Beach, Fl

Magnuson-Moss Act of 1975

By law, you are NOT required to have your BMW service performed by a BMW dealer. Federal Law Prohibits any BMW dealership from implying or denying warranty service because scheduled routine maintenance was performed at an independent auto repair facility. Title 15 Chapter 50 sections 2301-2312 US Federal Code.

Having Euro Experts in Palm Beach County work on your BMW in NO way limits or restricts your BMW factory warranty. All that is important is that you service your BMW as specified in the owner's manual for your vehicle.

Common BMW Problems

Rough Running, Carbon buildup, Engine Misfire

One common BMW engine problem is "carbon buildup" on the intake valves and cylinder head ports. This causes restricted airflow into the engine cylinders which results in rough running and misfiring of the affected cylinders.

The proper fix is to use a media blaster to de-carbonize and remove the carbon buildup without damaging the cylinder head or valves. Euro Experts in Royal Palm Beach has the specialized equipment to BMW cylinder head media blast cleaning. BMW cylinder head de-carbonize is a factory approved procedure.

BMW Water Pump Repair

Another common repair is BMW water pump replacement. Warning signs are a coolant leak or noisy BMW water pump bearings. When water pump bearings get worn the seal fails causing a coolant leak and engine overheating which can lead to thermostat failure, head gasket failure, or other serious BMW engine damage.

There are drain holes on the water pump that usually show early signs of leakage and provide warning before a total water pump failure. BMW water pump leaks can be very gradual and difficult to see. Regularly checking your coolant reservoir level is very important and should be inspected every time your BMW is refueled.

Contact us for a BMW water pump replacement cost estimate.

Top Ten Reasons for BMW Check Engine Light

The BMW check engine light is a warning signal for all electrical systems in your BMW. We have the testing equipment to diagnose any BMW check engine light problem.

A Check Engine Light is turned on when the BMW engine control module detects a fault in any of the computer controlled vehicle systems. One or more diagnostic codes will be stored in the engine module and are just one piece of information our repair technicians will use to diagnose your problem.

When the Check Engine Light comes on, you may experience engine performance issues such as poor acceleration, rough idling, and an engine that won't start. In some cases, no abnormal symptoms will be experienced.

Whether you experience performance problems or not, a flashing Check Engine Light indicates that a system problem has occurred. If you continue to drive the vehicle, you may damage engine or emissions components. Determining the exact cause your check engine light is on can be very difficult.

Here are the top 10 reasons for BMW check engine light:

Loose Gas Cap

Fuel vapors leak from a loose gas cap and the emissions system will detect the leak and cause a check engine warning light.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor measures the amount of oxygen in the exhaust to tell the engine computer how much fuel to inject into the engine. A BMW oxygen sensor replacement will often solve low fuel mileage and poor engine power output.

Faulty Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter failure is usually caused by engine oil burning, ignition problems, or fuel system problems. These problems must be repaired before the Catalytic Converter replacement. Please contact us for BMW catalytic converter replacement cost.

Faulty Ignition Coil

BMW Ignition coil failure usually results from age and normal wear. High operating temperatures can also cause premature ignition coil failure.

Bad Spark Plug

A misfiring spark plug can cause unburnt fuel triggering a check engine light. Fouled spark plug can also cause BMW Catalytic Converter failure. BMW spark plug replacement is usually required if you do a BMW ignition coil replacement.

Bad Mass Airflow Sensor

The Mass Airflow Sensor measures the incoming air flow to the engine allowing the computer to inject the correct amount of fuel. BMW mass airflow sensor replacement can greatly improve fuel economy and performance.

EVAP System Hose Leaks

Leaking BMW EVAP system vacuum hoses are an emission system problem and trigger the BMW check engine light. Vacuum hoses deteriorate with age and will eventually need replacement.

Faulty EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve

The EGR valve helps lower vehicle emissions. A bad EGR valve can cause rough idle, hesitation on acceleration, and engine overheating. Please contact us for BMW EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve replacement cost.

Charging System Problems

A faulty alternator or weak battery can cause a check engine light. Your BMW requires a stable electrical system to function. We can quickly test your battery, do a BMW charging system test, or provide a BMW alternator replacement cost estimate.

Transmission Problems

BMW transmissions are computer controlled and will trigger a Check Engine Light. BMW transmission repairs start with a check engine light diagnosis to pin point the problem.

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